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Geo runs rings around the Irish Sea

Geo which has carved itself a niche of providing dark fibre services to areas where the traditional telecommunication companies fear to tread has completed a fibre ring that crosses the East-West divide that is the Irish Sea. By linking Ireland and the UK with their own fibre network the firm is able to offer dedicated fibre links between Dublin and London. This builds on top of their existing core network in the UK, and the FibreSpeed project in North Wales.

"With business demand for high capacity data networks growing all the time, it is vital that they have the infrastructure to support their needs. Customers on both sides of the Irish Sea will benefit from a single service provider offering a combination of two routes between the UK and Ireland, and the diversity will provide unequalled resilience, unmatched in service availability."

Chris Smedley, Chief Executive, Geo

This new link comes at a time, when the tax situation for companies in the UK may be changing, and with the more attractive taxation system in Ireland this may lead to firms re-locating data centre intensive activities and software development teams to Ireland.

One interesting aspect to Geo is that while it offers a fully bespoke design, build and can operate the fibre networks, the actual construction, maintenance and its IT department are all outsourced.


Go Geo! More power to communities rural and urban to break the mould and build their own futureproof solutions.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 7 years ago

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