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Openreach removes last of its bad weather notices

The Plusnet status pages carry a note from Openreach indicating that the last of the parts of the UK where Openreach had invoked its Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control (MBORC) system has had this notice lifted.

"Following the last MBORC update issued last Wednesday, 7 November 2012, where we were able to lift MBORC on 4 areas and leaving 3 areas still subject to MBORC, we are now able to advise, with effect from 13:00 today, MBORC has been lifted on the remaining 3 areas:-


To confirm, MBORC no longer applies on any area of the UK."

Openreach notice on lifting of MBORC

MBORC was put in place for a number of areas of the UK earlier this year due to the very wet summer, that saw an increase in the number of faults and the time to fix them, impacting on the delivery times for new line activations.

The lifting of the orders in Durham, Northumberland and Southhampton, mean that across the UK it should be business as normal now, and hopefully an end to six week waits for a new telephone line to be activated.


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