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Want fibre broadband now - move to Dalmore

  • Wednesday, November 14, 2012 11:48 AM

With the connection of homes in Dalmore connecting to the Internet for the first time, the long winter nights may be a little less boring. The small village of Dalmore on the Isle of Lewis has gained a fibre optic broadband connection that links it to the Connected Communities network, with the project being funded by the European Rural Broadband Challenge Fund (RBCF).

While the numbers benefiting from the new connection may make no visible difference to the overall UK picture, the benefits to residents will be immense, and there is the hope that two small businesses may start to run from the village, perhaps offering local employment.

If all the projects that are operating in these most difficult to reach commercially parts of the UK can deliver, then there is a real risk that the politicians rhetoric of the UK being the best major country for broadband in Europe may become reality.

The project was managed by the Outer Hebrides LEADER programme, which has a long list of projects it is overseeing. The RBCF is not the same as the UK Governments RCBF which is also operating in the most rural parts of the UK, the RBCF started in 2010 with £800,000 of funding to tackle not-spots across rural Scotland.


Pleased for the residents of Dalmore that they have an internet connection at last. However, on joining the rest of us on the Connected Communities network, they will unfortunately find that it is hobbled by totally inadequate backhaul, and if they should dream of the dizzy heights of a 2MB connection, that will cost them in excess of £80 per month. I often wonder whether we are counted for statistical purposes as having a 2MB connection available to us.

  • dauphin
  • over 8 years ago

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