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Warwickshire invites people to check its broadband data

While it seems that we have covered this news before, with 40 or so different broadband projects across the country we will be seeing very similar announcements from all of them over time.

Warwickshire County Council has completed its Open Market Review as part of the BDUK procurement process and has now started its public consultation phase. This phase means that the public and businesses can look at the data provided by communication providers and provide feedback on what they feel may be omissions or mistakes. The review classifies postcodes across the county as one of three colours:

  • Black – two or more broadband providers expected to be operating by 2015
  • Grey – one broadband provider expected to be operating by 2015
  • White (shown as Pink) – potential areas for intervention under the CSW Broadband project, subject to State Aid approval. Please note, in BDUK terminology these areas are classified as “white” however we have chosen to use pink on our maps for clearer representation.

The project has plotted the data on a map, providing two maps, one showing where superfast broadband is expected to be available in 2015 if the project were to take place, i.e. the commercially viable areas (this includes areas already announced and some areas where people may not be aware of any roll-out). A second map shows the parts of the county where commercial providers by 2015 are thought to still not be able to provide a 2 Mbps service to meet the Universal Service Commitment. The postcode data is available via a PDF or Excel spreadsheet for those wanting to analyse the data, and a quick postcode checker is already available online.

We have seen complaints about the various maps the projects across the UK have produced and Warwickshire appear well aware of this and encourage people aware of problems to get in touch.

"It should be noted that the information shown in the postcode list below and on the maps is taken from the suppliers’ own data. In some cases the recent process has identified anomalies which we will be challenging with the bidders. If you are aware of any possible errors or inconsistencies in your area, for instance you may be shown as being likely to receive superfast broadband even though you know that the nearest green cabinet is some distance away, it is vital that you let us know during this consultation period. "

Warwickshire Broadband Project on information accuracy

While the project timeline is very dependant on when the EU decides to give State Aid Approval, we can currently expect the county to award the contract in May 2013, with roll-out getting underway in November 2013, with a final sign-off in March 2015.


> White (shown as Pink)

..sums up BDUK quite succinctly I think :)

  • AndrueC
  • over 8 years ago

You can understand why the EU is very concerned about the state aid for HS Broadand in the UK when we have had to date only 1 bidder for all the contracts awarded so far(Fujitsu was a second bidder but pulled out prior to contract award stage)

It can only mean that the market place has failed in the UK and that we have no competition. THe most likely explanation being is we do not have a level playing field

  • Bob_s2
  • over 8 years ago

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