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SmartGlass merges Xbox with mobile market

Game controllers for consoles have never been that good when driving a web browser, and the Xbox 360 has lacked a web browser for that reason. With the launch of Xbox SmartGlass and Internet Explorer in the Xbox App Store, Xbox users with a Gold subscription can now control their console from their smart phone.

SmartGlass is currently available for Android devices, and Windows Phone 7 & 8, and while using the application to press the simple A,B,X & Y buttons is hardly innovative, it does provide a second screen for extra data about films you are watching, or an easy way to drive Internet Explorer on the big screen TV.

In time we will see games starting to exploit the second screen, for now there is a slight novelty feel, it now down to developers to integrate more functionality to exploit the extra input and display capabilities.


seems overhyped to me, a controller can also control the xbox, and whilst using the controller you looking at a full sized screen instead of a tiny phone screen, also a blunder by microsoft requiring android 4.x when only 25% of the android userbase has v4.

  • chrysalis
  • over 8 years ago

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