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£10 and £15 cut in Wholesale price of 512kbps service

Ben Verwaayen has appearred on BBC Breakfast/News24 this in the last 15 minutes and has announced a £10/£15 cut in the price of the BTwholesale prices for the the 512kbps service to £14.75 for both the wires-only and engineer installed versions. The cuts are expected to come into effect from April 1st.

As more information and the full details are available we will put them up. The full BT press release can be read here .

A £10 wholesale cuts means potentially you can knock £10 off the current retail price, i.e. prices including VAT of £25 to £30 for the basic product are possible, and possibly lower to £20 per month.

The move of lowering the older product to £14.75 i.e. a common price point with wires-only will please those with months left on their existing contracts - suspect the reason it was done was to keep costs down to BT, since the cease/provide cycle of every cross-moving to a wire-only service would be too much.

Important note  to ISPs: Please send any price updates to [email protected]


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