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Virgin Media extends Olympics legacy till New Year

The novelty of accessing the Internet via free Wi-Fi while waiting for a train on the London Underground looks set to continue into 2013. The Daily Telegraph carries the news that the free service is extending its free access period until the New Year, while talks continue with wholesale partners.

The full list of stations where the service is available on the platforms should update as new stations are rolled out, with the network covering 72 stations currently. The service is free to use once you register with an email address. The busiest day so far was Friday 12th October when 1.1 million individual sessions were seen on the network, surpassing the daily level of use during the Olympics.

When the Wi-Fi eventually switches into charge mode Virgin Media customers will still have free access to the service, and transport updates via TFL will be available to everyone, providing more information than the basic platform signs.


Yet VM can't manage to give paying customers a decent connection just a few miles south of where there is in action. Gets your goat up when the Olympics and this free wifi is given as an excuse by their support department as to why the fix dates keep getting pushed back another 3 months.

  • Joppy
  • over 8 years ago

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