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LonsdaleNET brings fixed wireless back to Eden Valley in Cumbria

Residents and businesses in the Eden Valley Cumbria first saw wireless broadband back in 2002, and earlier this year when NextGenUs went into administration there was a lot of confusion over the future. After the acquisition of the NextGenUs assets in Cumbria a new firm has been born and is providing service once more in the area.

LonsdaleNET offers an up to 60 Mbps service, with the current average connection speed running at 35 Mbps. With fixed wireless services you can give a rough estimate before signing up, but not until the hardware is installed do you get a proper indication of speed. LonsdaleNET will not activate the service if a slower than 10 Mbps connection is all that can be delivered.

The residential service comprises of two options, a 10GB per month 10 Mbps service for £19.95 (includes free UK landline evening and weekend calls over VoIP) and a 150GB allowance running between 10 Mbps and 60 Mbps for £29.95 (includes UK landline calls utilising VoIP). There is no requirement to retain a BT line or equivalent, the voice calls are all handled over the fixed wireless service, and number porting is supported. Installation of the wireless antenna costs £149.95 (including 15m of cabling). Their website includes details on the options available to businesses.

Current service locations include Blencarn, Bolton, Brampton, Cliburn, Clifton, Crackenthorpe, Culgaith, Eamonth Bridge, Great Strickland, Hackthorpe, Kings Meaburn, Kirkby Thore, Long Marton, Melkinthorpe, Milburn, Newby, Penrith (70%), Reagill, Stainton and Yanwath. There are plans to expand this beyond the 7,500 properties that are currently in the served areas, how aggressive these plans will be we presume depends on demand for the service, at this early stage the network has around 100 subscribers.


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