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Sky announces passing one million downloads for Cloud WiFi app

Everyone loves something free, which perhaps goes a long way to explain why access to the Cloud WiFi for Sky broadband customers on the firms unlimited broadband products is proving so popular. The free service launched with a companion app for iOS and Android devices, and this has been downloaded one million times.

The map helps people to locate which of the 11,000 hotspots is closest to them, and avoid eating into their mobile broadband usage allowance, or as is not unusual when in restaurants and coffee shops the indoors 3G signal is poor. Using instore WiFi has been popular for some years, but an app running on a phone helps to avoid the need for entering a username and password every time you visit.

Downloads of an app are all well and good, but are people using the service, well Sky reports it has seen 25 million sessions since launch, and this is increasing by 1.5 million a week.

If you are a Sky Broadband customer, and want to know more about the app visit Those Sky customers who are on the Sky Broadband Lite service which is their free product do not qualify for free access to Cloud WiFi hotspots.


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