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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

who is the cheapest of them all? I'll come back to you on that sometime next Wednesday.

This is when we think all the ISP's will know what BTwholesales new pricing structure is and start to make the appropriate noises - though of course it would all still hinge on Oftel approval - which takes 28 days in theory. Be warned if there are lots of complaints it could take longer.

So what do we think is going to happen - well guessing that BT's 2 weeks actually means early next week, dont forget when BT say 7 days they mean 7 working days or 9 real days, so two weeks is really 18 days - which ties in with next Tuesday/Wednesday. The big news is that a wholesale price of £15+VAT appears to be what BTwholesale will announce, and hopefully a similar cut in the price of the engineer install version to £20+VAT.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that I got from reading the tea leaves in my tea this morning is that the rollout is likely to be starting up again - and hopefully will initially cover those people who are in towns where 1 out of the 2 or more exchanges is enabled ,e.g. Colchester, Worcester etc


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