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'Free' YouView box for BT Infinity customers

Nothing in this world is truly free, but if you word an advert correctly you can make it seem so. BT Retail is offering a 'free' YouView set top box to its BT Infinity fibre based service customers with no requirement to have a BT Vision subscription, the catch is that activation costs £49.99, and the delivery charge is £6.95. The retail price of the YouView box is £299, and the £49.99 also includes optional powerline adapters to help get the broadband to where the TV is located.

Those living in an area where BT Infinity is not available are not ignored, those only able to receive a BT Total ADSL/ADSL2+ service (assuming connection is fast enough for IPTV delivery) can also order the YouView box but will also need to subscribe to BT Vision Essential at £4/month (rising to £5 in January 2013), in addition to the other charges.

As with the previous TalkTalk offer, it is all about registration and as such only those that have pre-registered will get a chance to order the first boxes between October 19th and 26th. The website has more information on the detail behind the offers and the BT press release also carries a summary of the offer.


From the FAQ states you need to take out a BT Vision subscription:
"The YouView box (£6.95 delivery) from BT is included for new customers who take 12 month subscriptions to BT Vision Essential or BT Vision Unlimited package and either BT Infinity or BT Broadband. You’ll just need to pay a £49 activation fee which includes optional 'powerline adaptors' to make it easy to set the box up yourself, but if you want one of our Engineers to set it up for you, this will cost an additional £35 (but with no delivery fee)"

  • Youngy
  • over 8 years ago

New Infinity customers don't need to take the Vision essential subscription, at least that is what the release says.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 8 years ago

YouView appears to be in a time warp.
I put my details into their coverage checker and got :
No digital TV channels available until November 2009.

  • garddelan
  • over 8 years ago

Your article doesn't mention new customers, the BT release also seems somewhat confused.

"* £49 activation charge, £6.95 delivery charge for the hub and line rental applies. To get a free YouView box you’ll need to sign up to BT Infinity/BT Broadband and BT Vision Essential (rising to £5/month on 5 Jan) both with a 12 month minimum term."

  • fibrebunny
  • over 8 years ago

I'm going to be interested to see Sky's response to this and TalkTalk's offer. Free YouView set-top-box with a years broadband/talk/vision subscription seems better value than a Sky sub with talk and broadband.
Wonder if Sky will run a lower cost TV subscription, or possibly make the HD package free...

  • gromit69
  • over 8 years ago

BT marketing obviously got the idea here: @ 12:30

  • Spectre_01
  • over 8 years ago

I am a BT Broadband/Vision customer with an old silver box, now apparently obsolete. I am reasonably happy with the service and won't be signing up for either Infinity or YouView. My contract is up in Feb 2013, if they want to give me a free box then, thats ok, if not I am not paying anymore for the service.

  • esparks
  • over 8 years ago

Was thinking about this service, and still am. But I object to being patronised by a £50 activation fee. Why not simply say box costs £50 and £4 a month for 12 months. I hope BT haven't added any of their daft bloat ware like they tried to add to my pc when I had Infinity installed.

The new Pure HD box is definitely also worth a look. To be honest was disappointed this wasn't around for the Olympics.

  • webchem
  • over 8 years ago

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