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Worcestershire broadband survey up and running again

  • Wednesday, September 19, 2012 2:01 PM

Worcestershire had been running a broadband survey for both residents and businesses to assess demand for faster and better broadband in the area, and up until 2nd September there was 4,499 responses from homes and 486 from businesses.

The local Halesowen News website is reporting that the council has reopened the survey with residents and businesses being urged to show exceptional demand for better broadband to help underpin negotiations with suppliers.

One of the original aims for the BDUK projects was to reduce the risk so that commercial superfast services would be deployed to 90% of the UK, rather than services that received an annual subsidy from the taxpayer. Councils as part of the BDUK framework are required to show there is demand for better broadband, and in theory if it can show the demand is exceptional it should be able to lever more money from the bidders for the projects.

The flip side to the demand survey's is that if an area shows interest levels similar to what Openreach has been using in its own totally commercial roll-out is this demonstrates that Openreach and BT investors have under estimated the demand for faster broadband. Though there are some that claim demand for fast broadband is actually higher in the areas where current generation services perform below par, the unknown factor in those slow areas is whether the population density for FTTC/P is high enough to make it commercially viable.


I can't but fell ashamed of being a citizen of Worcestershire! Reason, out of an estimated population of 557,400 only 4,499 bothered to fill the broadband survey! Then we shall complain that we don't have the infrastructure for fast broadband that other counties have! Wake up Worcestershire, our future generations will not forgive us for being lazy!!

  • scopio
  • over 8 years ago

How was this survey publicised? I live in the area and desperately want more than the 900k connection I currently have (three kilometers as the crow flies from the Bromsgrove exchange and too far from the cabinet for FTTC....) so if I had come across a survey I would most certainly have signed it - as would the rest of my family!

And if it has re-opened, where can I sign up now!


  • johnankrett
  • over 8 years ago

Or I could click on the link in the article....

4,500 replies now...


  • johnankrett
  • over 8 years ago

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