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Galashiels and Bannockburn gain FTTC service from Openreach

Residents and businesses in Galashiels and Bannockburn now have a FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service from Openreach, which is available for purchase from a wide range of providers.

In theory this should benefit some 15,000 properties, but ultimately it will depend on exactly which cabinets have been enabled in the area, and while we asked BT for more details none was forthcoming. It seems that the old method of chasing for broadband information and using the online checkers continues, given that the Cornish BT project is able to provide more information it is frustrating to not have the wider BT doing similar.

"I have been campaigning for better broadband in the Borders for many years so I welcome this news from BT that 7,000 businesses and homes in Gala will now have access to a super-fast service.

Fast broadband is an essential tool for local businesses and I hope this will prove a catalyst for the expansion of local businesses and the creation of new jobs in the area. It will also transform the lives of local families, whether they’re using the technology for social networking, entertainment or education."

Michael Moore, MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk

"This is fantastic news for businesses, community organisations and families in the Bannockburn area. I have no doubt that the increased broadband speeds that will available as a result of this investment will bring economic benefits to Bannockburn. I want thank BT for their commitment to the Stirling area, but I think they know that I will continue to encourage them to connect even more homes and businesses in this way."

Bruce Crawford, MSP for the Stirling constituency

Basic information on the superfast roll-out is available at the Openreach Where and When micro-site, and if you have an active BT or WLR telephone number, then the BT Wholesale checker will give more information.


I wish. I am in Bannockburn, my cabinet is in the Dec 2011 list, but thus far, no service, no sign of openreach vans. Only 4 planning permissions for the Bannockburn FTTC were ever applied for and is showing zero activity from BT. I have a nasty feeling that BT wont bother to do cabinets that a more than a stones throw from the exchange, and i'll be stuck on 2Mbits for ever more...

  • veletron
  • over 7 years ago

Having now checked some other postcodes in the Bannockburn area, I would estimate that less than 50% of Bannockburn has had its cabinets upgraded. What a half-arsed FTTC roll-out - hardly worthy of a press release. Does that mean we can half the 25,000 properties quoted to 12,500? BT - a disappointment as always!

  • veletron
  • over 7 years ago

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