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Where is the price cut?

One of the more common questions at present, it's thought that Thursday is the day to watch out for news from BT, though do remember that once BT announce the cut it still takes 28 days for the approval process from Oftel.

PlusNet has sent a nice press release covering their position on any price cuts, speculating that BT are likely to cut the wholesale price by at least £8, but they would also like to see the activation fee on wires-only reduced to around £25.

PlusNet do make one valid point, that if price cuts are announced then so long as the cuts from Wholesale apply to existing users then PlusNet will adjust the monthly bills appropriately - this is in line with most ISP's - so there is no reason to put off getting ADSL installed, since any price cuts are likely to be passed on. There are a few ISP's who in the past have not passed on the savings from price cuts - the most noticeable been BTopenworld and Freeserve, these two ISP's are also the ones who've been late to market with wires-only, BTopenworld still have no product and Freeserve have bucked the trend and have released a 12 month contract at £39.99 a month, and with a USB modem costing £199.

Lets hope tomorrow or Friday brings some welcome news, whilst Oftels 7% tinkering to BT's wholesale dialup services is welcome, 7% is just tinkering, for DSL takeup to expand cuts of 25% and upwards are required.


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