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Openreach announces new recruitment wave, adding another 400 jobs

At a time when everyone is talking of redundancy and recession, to have an announcement of 400 new jobs will be welcome news. Openreach is looking to recruit another 400 people to its roving engineering teams, thus helping to cope with the spikes in demand for staff as different parts of the UK roll-out the Openreach FTTC/P fibre networks.

"Digital technology is fundamental to the way we live our lives and the way we do business, which is why we want the UK to have the best and the fastest superfast broadband in Europe by 2015.

These are challenging economic times so I’m delighted to be able to recruit these extra engineers. Our engineers are doing a fantastic job keeping the copper network in shape, as well as deploying fibre at breakneck speed, and the new recruits will help us go even further, faster.

Fibre broadband will be vital to the future health of the UK. It has the potential to transform the economy and help create thousands of jobs. Our engineers are playing a critical role by deploying infrastructure that will underpin the economy for many years to come."

Olivia Garfield, Openreach CEO

The expectation is that many of these vacancies will be filled by ex-armed forces personnel, which has been the case with the 600 new engineers hired in 2012 already. The total recruitment into Openreach will have been 1,650 new engineers (including this 400) between March 2011 and December 2012, and is in addition to retraining existing staff to increase the capacity to install the new fibre networks.

Critics of BT will see this extra recruitment as another sign that the group is set to get the majority of the BDUK projects, and while this proven to be true, Openreach does face two years of very hard work if it is to meet its own £2.5 billion investment programme targets. Hopefully the creation of a larger workforce will also help to boost the amount of FTTP deployed, and finally commission areas where people have seen a lot of the ground work already done.


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