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Openreach applies for extension to FTTC installation offer

Demand for new products always requires some stimulation no matter what the market or product. Openreach has been doing that for its FTTC and FTTP products with several promotions on installation fees.

The FTTC service from 1st April has had an offer running where the broadband providers only have to pay £30+VAT for each install if installed at the same time as a telephone line (simultaneous provide). What the service provider charges the retail customer will of course vary, but with a reduction of £50 compared to normal most will pass on a good saving. As of 1st October Openreach is planning to extend this offer until 30th November 2012, but is imposing a geographic limitation on the exchanges where the offer will be valid. There are 379 exchange areas covered by the new offer, ranging from Accrington to Wythenshawe via Golders Green.

Full fibre (FTTP) areas have benefited from the £30+VAT install offer which is set to run out 30th September 2012, though there was an additional promotion where the first 750 customers connected by an Openreach customer (e.g. BT Wholesale, TalkTalk and Sky) to GEA FTTP (Brownfield) sites had a free install. FTTP does not appear to benefit from the extended offer.

The changes to the offer are subject to Ofcom approval, which was sought as of 22nd August 2012. As for why the geographic restrictions, one can only guess that these are areas where take-up is lower than expected, and Openreach is keen to drive take-up.


Just checked the list of exchanges and am more than a little surprised to see Nelson in there.


Because neither Nelson exchange ( Lancs or S Wales ) is shown anywhere as being in the current FTTC rollout!

  • Pendlemac
  • over 8 years ago

There are a large number of exchanges on that list which look strange compared with Openreach's Where and When maps. Just in Central London:

Westminster - Not currently in plans

Belgravia - Not currently in plans

Chelsea - Not currently in plans

South Kensington - Future by end 2013

Bermondsey - Future by end 2013

Moorgate - Not currently in plans

Fleet - Not currently in plans

Southbank - Future by end 2013

  • Hedjam
  • over 8 years ago

In paragraph starting "Full Fibre (FTTP) areas..." you go on to say "FTTP does not appear to benefit from the extended offer." - should that be "FTTC does not appear... " ?

Bit tough if the exchange is only due to get Fibre at end of September (like my local exchange). Always the deals being made for those lucky enough to be served with the service early, and 2 fingers to the rest of us!

  • NetGuy
  • over 8 years ago

Sorry, just understood that para... Offer won't be extended for those able to get FTTP even though it is currently available... So happy face for me again (assuming my nearest cabinet does get FTTC).

  • NetGuy
  • over 8 years ago

"take-up is lower than expected" or unavailable at present, in some cases?

  • NetGuy
  • over 8 years ago

I see that all the exchanges are in England!

  • over 8 years ago

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