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The dog is sniffing at BT's heels

ISPreview have run an item on Bulldogs position in the LLU market. Apparently Bulldog is to offer packages to compete with BT wholesales home user packages, whether they can compete price wise, or it's positioning the packages as a better technical solution is unclear at present. Indications are though that 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps packages will be available to ISP's at around the same wholesale prices as the current BT DSL products.

The interesting point is the area of the initial rollout...Central London - this area is pretty much already saturated with Broadband and has the highest concentration of DSL users already, the rollout is to cover 550,000 potential users, which for central London could be a fairly small number of exchanges.

We can expect trials to start in April and a launch towards the end of the year. Though how successful they will be is unclear, the competition is pretty hot in London.

Easynet one of the other LLU providers, should hopefully be announcing pricing in the near future for it's services that are 2Mbps right upto 8Mbps and includes SDSL variants. At present the pricing on the exchanges they have enabled is the same as they sell the BTwholesale products for.


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