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Pipex exceeding 300 new connections per day!

Pipex's sub £30 offer including VAT, seems to have hit the right price point for ADSL. Pipex are saying that they are seeing in excess of 300 new connections per day, if this is sustained for February, they'll have cornered 5% of the market in just one month.

As we've suggested previously - Pipex are expecting BTwholesale to make a £5 price cut in DSL pricing by this summer, with perhaps further cuts by the years end. The decision to drop the price to it's current point, was to stop people dithering and also to show that Oftel shouldnt block price cuts from BTWholesale since this will create one very large loser the British public - because we'd all be blessed with expensive DSL and demand wouldnt be high enough for BT to continue the rollout.

David Rickards, MD of Pipex makes a good comment of "This early success should send out a clear message to the market and indeed BT ... demand is there if the price is affordable and realistic".

Congratulations to Pipex for producing a product that almost doubles the weekly number of DSL installs, lets hope it is sustainable and that BTwholesale can follow through and be allowed to introduce price cuts that will bring more of the market down into the £25-£30 bracket. For those ISP's that havent launched a wires-only product it's starting to look hard to break into the market.


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