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Mixed day for O2 as more LLU announced

Okay so the O2 mobile network has not been a very good advert in the past 24 hours, with 2G service in theory operating again. The Be/O2 ADSL2+ LLU network has sat at around 1,300 exchanges for sometime, but ISPreview spotted on the Be Usergroup pages news that another 17 exchanges were added to their LLU footprint, and importantly some exchanges closed to orders are once more open.

The latest exchanges offering O2/Be ADSL2+ service:

  • Coleshill (CMCOLE) – Residential Lines: 3,236
  • Bury St Edmunds (EABSE) – Residential Lines: 18,065
  • Market Deeping (EMMKDEE) – Residential Lines: 7,220
  • Towcester (EMTOWCE) – Residential Lines: 4,676
  • Stirling (ESSTI) – Residential Lines: 13,878
  • Queensbury (MYQUE) – Residential Lines: 11,331
  • Bexhill (NDBEX) – Residential Lines: 16,660
  • Cookstown (NICK) – Residential Lines: 6,823
  • Belfast Malone (NIMAL) – Residential Lines: 11,879
  • Moira (NIMR) – Residential Lines: 3,785
  • Newry (NINY) – Residential Lines: 12,567
  • Hatfield Woodhouse (SLHTW) – Residential Lines: 8,376
  • Almondsbury (SSALM) – Residential Lines: 9,170
  • Bassett (STBSETT) – Residential Lines: 2,684
  • Evesham (WMEV) – Residential Lines: 10,745
  • Connahs Quay (WNDEE) – Residential Lines: 12,490
  • Prestatyn (WNPRS) – Residential Lines: 9,706

The exchanges that are starting to take new orders again are: Alvaston (EMALVAS), Nottingham Longbow (EMLONGB), Forfar (ESFFR), St Andrews (ESSTA), Lytham (LCLYT), Leeds (MYLS), Mayfair (WEWMAY), Belgravia (WRBEL)

Back to the O2 mobile problems, the provider has a status page, but it seems even that was broke by the amount of people looking for updates. As we write this article it is still taking a long time to open (15 to 20 seconds), it is at times of high demand that perhaps it would be better to offer a simpler page, presenting just the key information that is faster to serve.

Update - 11:30
It's almost as if someone at O2 is listening to our advice, as the status page has been updated to be served from the O2 main website. The latest news at 10am was that the 2G network should have been restored but the 3G service is expected to take some time and gradually data services should be restored throughout the day. Customers are advised that they may want to try switching their phone off and on again as the service returns to re-register on the network.


"The exchanges that are started taking new orders again" Some pretty bad English there :)

  • mhisani
  • over 8 years ago


I don't think he is giving his pet monkey enough bananas xD

  • otester
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