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FTTC Etherway, cheaper access to business grade broadband

There are many small and medium businesses looking with a keen eye towards cost savings by utilising the new FTTC products from Openreach. While the services are not symmetric, the price you pay for 10 Mbps upload and 20 Mbps upload make them very attractive to those businesses needing to push a lot of data to the Internet.

Where many existing FTTC services fall down, is that they are aimed at the consumer market, and thus carry all the usual contention issues, and slower responses to faults. The traditional way around this conundrum has been leased lines and ethernet services with guaranteed contention levels, but the install and rental for these services while coming down is still high.

Adrian Kennard of Andrews & Arnold appears to have found what may be a cheaper solution once it is all up and running. FTTC Etherways is a product that quietly slipped out of the BT Group and utilises the active FTTC hardware to link into the existing Ethernet backhaul networks.

FTTC is not going to be as industrial as a fibre based solution, but it provides another rung on the price ladder before a company has to expand to the point of using a dedicated fibre to the premises.


Thanks for the post - early days yet but looks very promising.

  • RevK
  • over 8 years ago

I have to say that all the staff at AAISP have absolutely bent over backwards to help get the circuit working as it should. BTW confirm that it is BTO who are blocking packets. I just hope the change process can be done in hours and not weeks. More to come on this as it happens!

  • gr0mit
  • over 8 years ago

One of my customers is considering this product as it is a good halfway house for their sites that need speed but cannot afford the other Openreach offerings. They have been warned to read the Ts and Cs carefully, particularly the time to fix in the event of a fault. This is after all a modified consumer product.

  • kmendum
  • over 8 years ago

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