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Openreach in concept trial to notify providers about theft/damage

Some broadband and telecom providers are very good at providing network status feedback to customers, and the level of detail may be able to increase from July onwards. Openreach is looking to run a trial that builds on the notification systems already in place that alert the police to incidents of cable theft.

The trial will run for three months, with a limited geographic coverage, with a national roll-out if all goes well. The type of incidents that will be added to the Major Service Outage notifications, are cable theft and third party damage, with the various postcodes published for the areas affected.

Some business providers already use remote monitoring systems for customers broadband connections, and this extra information on what may be affecting an area will help providers to inform customers and use backup solutions.

Of course copper thefts might eventually stop once the UK gets an all fibre network, but by that time, thefts might have extended to the active hardware or cabinet shells housing it.


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