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Rollout - well not if in a rural area

Thats the summary from Graeme Wearden of ZDnet in this item who was present at a parlimentary select committee today where Sir Christopher Bland was answering questions on the availability of ADSL.

BT's chairman said that it is likely to be 10-20 years before rural areas are offered high speed internet services, unless the government provides financial backing. Why - well put simply BT consider it uneconomic, and they believe LLU providers will think the same for exchanges with less than 20,000 users. To back this up in answer to Julie Kirkbride MP for Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, apparently one of out the six Bromsgrove exchanges is DSL enabled currently, which covers 18,000 people, but so far take up has been just 160 accounts, i.e. 0.55% - with numbers like that the costs dont look good. BUT is this due to the relatively high prices compared to dialup access, various research groups think so, suggesting prices of £20/month for broadband will be needed for takeup to explode. That said with the rate that dialup ISP's seem to go under at we may see dialup costs rising.


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