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Another Google TV set top box on the way

The VIZIO Co-Star device which is set to launch for $99 in the American market looks to be much closer to the price point people are willing to pay to add IPTV services to their TV.

The VIZEO Co-Star has the usual raft of services we will expect from a Google TV box, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (LoveFilm Instant in UK) and Google Chrome with Flash and HTML5 support. In addition it offers the OnLive cloud gaming service, which renders a game in a server farm, and streams the game play to the player over the Internet as a video stream.

No news on if or when a UK launch will happen, but the $99 price point suggests there is scope for other devices that offer similar remote control capabilities and applications.


Needs to work on the Raspberry Pi really ;-)

  • herdwick
  • over 8 years ago

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