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Improved Wi-Fi roaming in the future

Wi-Fi hotspots are a great addition to having access to 3G when out and about in the UK, but as soon as we head abroad they often become our only affordable way to access the Internet. While improvements in mobile device operating systems make roaming between different operators Wi-Fi hotspots simpler there is still more that could be done, and the Wi-Fi Alliance is working on a Passpoint system as part of the Hotspot 2.0 specification to make roaming and across the world a lot easier.

For the Wi-Fi hotspot operators, roaming will help to provide another revenue stream beyond those who already subscribe to their service, by getting some income from those who are simply passing by and using the connection for a few seconds to check their email or send a tweet.

In the EU we have a cap on the cost of mobile broadband roaming, which from 1st July should limit data roaming to 90 cents (75p) per MegaByte, which is still expensive, hopefully Wi-Fi roaming will be significantly cheaper.


Why limit this to data? I'd be more interested to see a standard which allows voice calls to transparently roam to WiFi (VOIP) while indoors at home or public places. Imagine the problems it would solve if we can receive calls over WiFi without needing to roll out expensive picocells or repeaters. I acknowledge there may be a latency in transferring the voice service, but even if it couldn't transfer an 'active' call, it would still be a huge bonus.

  • nmg196
  • over 8 years ago

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