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ISPA announces Internet Hero and Villain shortlist

In May ISPA announced the shortlist of finalists in the majority of categories for the UK Internet Industry Awards 2012, the remaining categories were the Internet Hero and Villain, which after much deliberation the ISPA Council has whittled down to the lists below from the long list of nominations by the public.

Internet Hero Finalists

  • Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN): for bringing high speed internet into remote rural communities, setting an example for others to follow
  • Ofcom - for its independent assessment of the website blocking measures in the DEA, which they found to be neither “practical” nor “desirable” and “trivial” to circumvent
  • Reg Bailey – for his government review into childhood sexualisation which found that giving parents and carers an active choice over what content is suitable for children and young people is preferable to default content filtering
  • Foreign Secretary Rt Hon William Hague MP – for recognising, at the London Cyber Conference, that the future internet must be without ‘government control or censorship’ where ‘innovation and competition flourish’ and ‘investment and enterprise are rewarded’
  • Court of Justice of the European Union - for its verdict on the Scarlet-Sabam case, which found that an injunction requiring a “complicated” and “costly” filter for copyright infringing material would not strike a fair balance between “the right to protect intellectual property and the right to conduct business”

Internet Villain Finalists

  • The International Telecommunications Union – for its internet governance land-grab which could lead to a less open and free internet, controlled by governments in a top-down manner
  • Karel De Gucht and Directorate-General Trade - for pushing IPR enforcement standards through ACTA and disregarding the concerns from EU citizens and European Parliament in relation to the threats against fundamental rights
  • U.S. Representative Lamar S. Smith - for introducing SOPA: an ill-thought out, draconian piece of legislation that would have stifled innovation and free speech online
  • Goldeneye International – for following in the dubious footsteps of previous speculative invoicing, by demanding £700 in damages from account holders who had allegedly downloaded copyright infringing material, relying solely on IP matching and claiming that bill payers were liable for any infringement

While the ISPA Council will between now and 3rd July decide the winner in these two categories, a seperate panel of judges picks the winners in the other categories.


I suggest that four villain awards should be made this year because all four finalists thoroughly deserve it!

  • jelv
  • over 8 years ago

"that the future internet must be without ‘government control or censorship’" - So I'm guessing it's alright though for the 'current internet'!?

  • Swampster
  • over 8 years ago

I think BT Broadband & associates should be oh the villains list as they are hiding the fact that some of their phone lines are alluminium which i think they should have replaced years ago so who is responsible for it now.This affects download limits which max at 130kb/ps.

  • DOUGIE53
  • over 8 years ago

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