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Vispa brings superfast wireless to Winwick and Burtonwood

Residents of Winwick and Burtonwood who find current broadband speeds are lacking, now have the option of a wireless service that can run at up to 60 Mbps. Vispa was invited by Warrington Borough Council to roll-out its wireless service in the area, and has in the last week connected its first customers in the area.

A range of packages are available, a 10 Mbps service for £19.95 a month with a 100 GB peak time allowance, increasing the monthly fee to £29.95 increases speeds to up to 60 Mbps and doubles the peak usage allowance. For business and SOHO there are other options, including a 1:1 contention service. For those that don't want to worry about watching a usage meter, an unlimited option is available for £5 on all the products.

Unlike some wireless services which cost several hundred pound to install, the installation fee is a reasonable £99 (when taking an 18 month contract) which includes fitting the external antenna and wireless router. A 01925 area code VoIP account is included, which means people can potentially ditch their copper telephone line, saving on the monthly line rental.


I've been a regular moaner on the Think Broadband forum about Winwick and its poor ADSL speeds an no option of cable. Its not really that rural and BT could easily do something about it, but due to there being no competition its just been ignored. Every time the BT FTTC list has been announced I have hoped our Exchange would be on it. Now I really couldn't care less. I have had the Vispa service for a couple of weeks and can honestly say its amazing and I am so impressed with the Vispa team on how quickly they got it all up and running.

  • kingbiscit
  • over 8 years ago

According to my connection is now 90% faster than the rest of the UK, not bad considering a few weeks ago my PING on SKY was 120ms and I was lucky to get over 1MB some days.

  • kingbiscit
  • over 8 years ago

That is pretty good to be honest, the wireless service I am having installed is £18 for 5megabits, £29 for 10 megabits. unlimited traffic, while vispa is limited, but still good.
i presume Vispa is a pretty large company, the one doing wireless here is a small local company All pay.

Maybe in time All pay will lower their prices to Vispa, but I think I will be happy with 10 megabits

  • zyborg47
  • over 8 years ago

Just had the equipment installed and speeds are a massive improvement on what we had previously. Pings are brilliant at times, but very inconsistent and fluctuate wildly on speed tests - but it is likely due to poor line-of-sight (signal) with the main node, our installation was rushed: the engineers installing the node on the side of our property overlooking neighbouring properties as opposed to the roof, saying that it would "cost extra to use special equipment" to do so, at £150 I would have thought everything would be included? Poor start from Vispa, on to support from day one.

  • GAZar
  • over 8 years ago

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