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YouView slowly emerging from the garden shed

It appears that 350 homes are to form the basis of trials for the YouView set top boxes. It was only a week ago that people were concerned that the emerging service was going to be late to market.

A trial in 350 homes is very small, but if the trial goes well then it could be widened after around four weeks. As every week goes by, other alternatives appear on the market, eroding the benefits that YouView in theory offers of integrating FreeSat and FreeView with OTT services such as BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm Instant and other free or subscription services.

The figure of £200 for the price of the YouView box looks high, but it is roughly inline with other Freeview HD PVR units, though prices appear to dropping, with non-PVR Freeview HD units offering BBC iPlayer for under £40.


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