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Orange broadband customer numbers finally spotted

Every three months we publish the quarterly results for the main providers, as well as providing an indicator of where the growth in broadband numbers if coming from, the reports can also provide an indicator of a companies plans for growth.

We are a little late with the Orange (Everything Everywhere) results for the quarter ending 31st March 2012, and finding the actual release took a few clicks, and downloading a zip file which had the PDF buried in it. The only reason we spotted that they had been released was Mark at ISPreview.

In terms of fixed broadband, there is no change, with customers remaining static at 713,000. This is the third quarter where numbers have remained static, which after the steady decline since 2007 is likely to be seen as reasonable performance. Interestingly the summary states "We have achieved double digit fixed broadband revenue growth year on year with 90% of new customers in Q1 taking fixed broadband, line rental and mobile.". Which means that where Orange is getting new sign-ups, they are buying more services than those customers who are leaving.


The biggest problem with Orange is that you have to jump through hoops to tell them about bad internet speeds etc and still nothing happens

  • pattester
  • over 8 years ago

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