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BT Wholesale to stop taking IPStream Connect orders in some 21CN areas

The gradual retirement of IPStream Connect services by 2014 was announced almost a year ago, and ISPreview appears to have been informed by Aquiss of the latest progress in the retirement programme that will see providers unable to order the service on 425 exchanges from November 2012. The programme will progress until all active IPStream Connect services in areas where 21CN WBC is available are moved onto the new WBC network.

The majority of providers move customers onto the WBC platform as soon as it available at an exchange, mainly due to the lower cost, which sees contracted bandwidth pricing drop from £122 per Mbps to £40 per Mbps. The continued roll-out of the cheaper WBC network, explains who so many providers in the last year or so have increased their usage allowances.

For those ADSL customers who are resisting a move to ADSL2+ because they believe it will make their line less stable, most ADSL2+ capable modems will allow you for force the ADSL mode (G.992.1). Also with WBC the dreaded IP Profile ceases to be slow to recover from slow speed connections (between an hour and five days) and becomes an immediate change, plus is not stepped, but rather set at 88.2% of the actual downstream connection speed.


yay for progress!

  • Spectre_01
  • over 8 years ago

An instance where full SDLC prevails... well strike me down with a box of matches..

  • mabibby
  • over 8 years ago

forcing the router onto ADSl only never worked for me when I was on the BT network. Still had disconnection problems.

as I am now on the cable and wireless network, it works fine, forcing my router to ADSL gives me about another half megabit of speed compared to when it is ADSl2 or 2+.

  • zyborg47
  • over 8 years ago

>they believe it will make their line less stable

It's not a matter of belief for us. I have/had the TBBQM logs to prove it. You could see the day it was switched to 2+ and the day they moved it back.

As for tweaking the router - it's a corporate Cisco box. You need a degree in IT and a brain the size of a planet to do anything with it :(

  • AndrueC
  • over 8 years ago

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