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How to get Tele2 access in your area.

Tele2 have come out and detailed the requirements for an area to get a Tele2 transmitter and thus wireless broadband access. The Register has full details.

According to Tele2's CEO if you can show interest from at least 100 small business users in a prospective transmitter footprint area, i.e. a 5km radius from a suitable transmitter location. Then will they look into bringing the network to you in that area.

So the advice would be if you are a group of home users in your area, try to get local business's interested either through personal contacts or perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce, get the ball rolling and the town may gain a Tele2 transmitter. This is perhaps one of the best opportunities for some months to those areas without broadband access and it puts the boot very much on the feet of those wanting a connection to show there is the demand.

For those already in a Tele2 service area, there is a special offer of the first months service free, details are here, the offer runs until 28th February 2002.


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