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EU votes in new roaming charges and worldwide charge cap

The EU proposed new caps to the data roaming that we covered back in March 2012, alas the prices are not as low as was originally proposed, but will lower the cost of mobile voice and data when roaming. The new pricing was passed in a 578 to 10 vote, and included a crucial change forcing EU mobile operators to add a €50 charge cap even when travelling outside the EU, which should avoid the bill shock.

Data roaming from 1st July 2012 will be capped at 90 cents per MegaByte, falling progressively to 50 cents in two years time. Voice calls will be drops from 35 cents to 32 cents, and receiving incoming calls will drop from 11 cents to 10 cents.

If you are travelling with your mobile across the EU, it is always worth checking whether your provider has a special deal available, or if you are likely to be using your phone a lot, a local pay-as-you-go mobile data dongle or phone may prove cheaper.


Soon they'll be close to Vodafone's prices...

250MB for £5.

  • otester
  • over 8 years ago

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