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Is this the cheapest broadband in the UK?

While many people are chasing ever faster speeds, there are many millions who are attempting to reduce their monthly spending, and for those willing to commit to a 24 month contract, Direct Save Telecom may have the answer, with its £2.49 a month ADSL2+ service.

We are all used to the promotional deals, where the price for the first three months is in big print, and after the three or six month period a figure you need a magnifying glass to read kicks in. The £2.49 service from Direct Save Telecom avoids this by keeping the price the same for the whole 24 months of the contract.

£2.49 a month will not get you an unlimited service, but the 20GB monthly usage allowance, will just about cope with the average UK broadband usage. The catch is that you have to agree to taking the voice line rental service from Direct Save Telecom too, at £12.85 per month. The line rental includes free evening and weekend calls, and there is no large connection fee, as the setup and the wireless router are free.

In terms of broadband speeds, the service will use ADSL2+ where it is available, and they advertise a typical figure of 13 Mbps for those areas (where only ADSL is available speeds will be lower). The small print also reveals that the lowest price does not apply across the complete UK, with the service costing £9.95 outside their low-cost network area.

At the end of the 24 month contract, you switch to a 28 day rolling contract, but do pay heed to the various termination costs. Inside the minimum period it will cost £5 per remaining month of the contract to leave, and if a MAC is not used to leave you will incur a £35 cease charge. Additionally not giving your 28 days notice carries a £19.50 charge, and not returning the wireless router will cost you £35.

The requirement to use a MAC to leave the service, indicates that the service is based around a Wholesale Line Rental service, rather than being fully unbundled. Which should make migrating onto or away from the service easier.


Seems a bit craxy to offer the broadband - a service that people value - for so little, and charge so much just for line rental and a few calls, which is something that very few people value, especially if they are big mobile phone users. Will this ever change?

  • opticalgirl
  • over 8 years ago

@opticalgirl, as always this is more a problem with the way it's advertised, like low cost flights for £1 (plus taxes etc.) It would be more accurate to advertise broadband at £15.34 per month, which also happens to include calls.

  • jrawle
  • over 8 years ago

Much better off getting a £15 All-You-Can_Eat PAYG SIM with Three, 300mins, 3000txts, unlimited internet, no contract.

  • otester
  • over 8 years ago

@Opticalgirl - this reflects the wholesale costs as they are today. The network is still geared up to charging the cost of the copper line on the telephone side rather than the broadband side.

WLR is £8.23 per month and SMPF broadband is £0.99 per month.

  • Kr1s69
  • over 8 years ago

Apart from the addition of a 100GB package within the no contract options, it seems a clone of Plusnet in every other way.

  • m0aur
  • over 8 years ago

Short answer, no it isn't. The dreaded to some talktalk has a cracking 12month deal in place at the minute where you can pay your line rental in advance which works out at £9.50 a month with free evening and weekend calls, free bb for 6 mnoths and 6 months at £6.50. Averages out at £12.75 a month and I just got it for my mum. Sorry for sounding like an ad!

  • jtthedevil
  • over 8 years ago

jrawle. One problem advertising like that is that the service isn't that integrated and may fall foul of the way it is advertised. Repair of voice and DSL from a single provider, is treated exactly the same as if you took either service from independent parties

  • KingTrip
  • over 8 years ago

And that's why ubiquitous FTTH is non-trivial to deliver UK wide. Funny how quiet the FTTH or nothing brigade are on stories like this one...

  • awoodland
  • over 8 years ago

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