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NAT or NO NAT, that is the question!

We recently conducted a survey on the web site to find out how popular the concept of Network Address Translation (NAT) implementation as provided by BT is with our users.

The results were as we expected. Out of a total of 509 responses, only 5.7% indicated that they would wish to use a NAT connection whilst 63.7% stated they wanted a fully open routed connection and if necessary implement additional NAT support on their local network.

Quite importantly 30.6% didn't understand NAT well enough to be confident in answering our question. Since ADSL is reaching to the consumer and non-IT-focused business market, this kind of ignorance can be used by ISPs to provide NAT services under the guise of 'security', misleading many users to believing their network is secure.

More information on our poll and NAT can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected]


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