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Post Office clarifies its fair use policy

Post Office broadband customers on their Broadband Extra product will be subject to a new Fair Use Policy from the 1st June 2012. The previous policy gave no indication of what was considered heavy peak-time usage, and reserved the right to cancel a customers service, with them having to still pay any remaining months on the contract. An extract from the new Fair Use Policy is reproduced below:

"Key terms for Post Office® Broadband Extra customers and customers already receiving unlimited downloads (subject to this Fair Use Policy)

If your usage exceeds 100GB in any month, we may write to you to request that you moderate your usage. If your usage subsequently exceeds 100GB in two consecutive months or for a fifth month in any 12 month period, we may contact you again asking you to moderate your usage, and warn you that we may reduce your internet access speeds, download speeds and upload speeds.

If you continue to use the Service excessively for a third consecutive month, or for a sixth month in any 12-month period, we may reduce your internet access speeds, download speeds and upload speeds.

We will contact you before reducing the speed of your Service."

Fair Use Policy for Post Office Broadband Extra as of 1st June 2012

The new policy gives a guideline amount of 100GB of usage on the unlimited service, and breaking it for a single month is no problem. Additionally the first time you breach their limits you may receive a warning letter, and only after a second warning will they slow your downloads and uploads. There is no threat to cancel your service anymore.

While many will see this as making a mockery of advertising the product as unlimited, these changes do seem to bring the product into line with current ASA/BCAP requirements to be able to advertise an unlimited broadband product.

The Post Office is playing fair, and has published a note indicating they see the changes as a material change to the Broadband Extra service, and customers who wish can terminate their contract without any incurring early termination charges. We are led to believe that customers on the Broadband Extra serice should receive a letter informing them of the changes.


Who would go with the post office anyhow. It seams anyone can join this money making business with no qualifications whatsoever or even to understand the needs of consumers

  • over 8 years ago

I thought you were being harsh until I saw how expensive their unlimited package was, how low the allowance was on their cheaper package and that the speeds offered are only ADSL1 rather than ADSL2+.

  • Kr1s69
  • over 8 years ago

I have been with the post office for over 3 years now,but I will be leaving after this fiasco.

  • apjarnold
  • over 8 years ago

How on earth can it be called "unlimited" when there's clearly a specified fixed limit ?

100GB nowadays would be easily possible to exceed in a month even on most ADSL 1 connections.

It's not unlimited at all. Unless unlimited no longer means unlimited.

  • shaunhw
  • over 8 years ago

I used to do 100GB on my old 512/256 connection :)

  • steane
  • over 8 years ago

RE: "The Post Office is playing fair ...."
OK so they've come clean about what they consider to be unlimited, but I certainly wouldn't call it fair or unlimited.

"Unlimited" by definition means:
1. Having no restrictions or controls.
2. Without restriction or exception.

ALL of these ISP's should be forced to have their "unlimited" statement removed, when clearly unlimited is NOT what they are offering!

  • garyc
  • over 8 years ago

Because I live in a small village I am unable to have Sky, Talk Talk, Plusnet and all the other "cheapies" as the exchange isn't enabled. Therefore I use Post office and have done for 3 years. Service has been superb and, as we have relatives living in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and New Zealand find the inclusive call package (for weekends) invaluable. As always, it is "horses for courses" and the Post Office package is superb for us. 100 Gb more than adequate.

  • gaddersgolf
  • over 8 years ago

Quite why companies are still allowed to advertise services as Unlimited when they are clearly not I fail to understand

The Posat Office service is clearly limited and they are indicating that you have a limite of a 100GB a month but with some unstated flexibility on that limit.

This is the usual mokery of Unlimited ISP's have been allowed to get away with for far to long

  • Bob_s2
  • over 8 years ago

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