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Easynet adds VDSL2 products to its business range

Easynet who provide business services, using an exclusive agreement that gives them access to Sky LLU hardware has announced the launch of three FTTC products. A 40 Mbps download service with the choice of 2 or 10 Mbps uploads, and a 80 Mbps service with a 20 Mbps upload.

The products are based around the Openreach VDSL2 products, which gives a UK coverage of 28% to 30% currently, with Easynet estimating a coverage of 80% of the UK in 2014. For Sky consumers, this is not a fast track way of getting the 80/20 product, Easynet specialise in business solutions, with low contention, ensuring exceptional performance at peak times with the corresponding price tag.

Many will remember that Easynet was bought by BSkyB, and subsequently the small but popular pro-sumer/SME ISP UKOnline was closed down. Easynet through a management buy-out is now operating as a global services provider, and is owned by Lloyds Development Capital, CEO David Rowe and the management team. An exclusive long-term supply agreement gives to the company exclusive access to the Sky LLU network.


the estimate of 80% coverage is for UK businesses not the UK in total.

Which makes sense as easynet is trying to sell business solutions.

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  • over 8 years ago

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