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Swindon looks toward 4G-LTE network to create savings

Swindon tried and failed to create a Wi-Fi umbrella network across the borough, and a while ago we heard that UK Broadband was looking to take on the project

The new plan revolves around using point to multipoint microwave links and 4G-LTE from these various links to provide connectivity to schools and council buildings, and council workers will be able to access the service using Mi-Fi style devices.

"UK Broadband is leading the way when it comes to commercial LTE deployments in the UK. Not only are we rolling out some of the UK’s first commercial LTE networks, we are also demonstrating how this technology can be used by local authorities in urban areas to deliver next generation services and save money. By deploying our unique combination of very high speed microwave and high capacity multi-channel LTE we can deliver truly wireless towns and cities. We can also deliver super-fast home broadband in line with the government’s broadband ambitions."

Nicholas James, CEO at UK Broadband

The construction of the core network has started, and the project is meant to deliver some £480m of savings over a five year period, which should at least give the council back the money lost on the Wi-Fi experiment.

Indications are that if a retail provider was willing, then a service to consumers could be made available off of the network, but it is far to early in the project for people to get excited about this aspect.


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