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Pipex up the Stakes

Pipex have made the Wires-only arena a little bit more interesting. They are offering free activation to the first 40,000 subscribers and the packages start at £29.95 ex VAT (£35.19 inc VAT) for the Pipex Xtreme Solo package, full details are on their website.

This reduces the startup cost for wires-only to the modem and micro-filters, i.e. around £100 and a lower monthly fee. Now some of you will be thinking it must be a long contract, but no there is no minimum term at all, just a 30 day notice period, though there is a single caveat that if you serve the notice within the intial 12 months a termination fee of £50+VAT (£58.75inc VAT) will be charged to cover the set-up costs.

The situation with regards minimum contracts/notice periods and termination fees is one we expected to be an issue with the wires-only products and as always we advise people to check with the ISP to verify the exact situation and be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of service.

The free activation comes from a £2 million broadband developement fund that Pipex are using to give broadband a good kick. This makes Pipex the current holders of the cheapest DSL service in the UK, that we are aware of.


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