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Connexin confirms purchase of NextGenUs operations in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Connexin better known for its internet phone service, has via negotiations with creditors of NextGenUs to purchase the Hull, Ashby and Digby networks. This covers around 600 old NextGenUs customers and around 400 have already switched over to the Connexin.

NextGenUs was offering cheaper service to those who paid a year in advance, and where customers have proof of this transaction, Connexin will honour any remaining period.

The Connexin facebook page appears to be the best source of information on the current situation, which reveals that not everything has been plain sailing, with the previous owners not fully co-operating making the process slowly than many would like.


this is all bull, connexins are messing the internet and demanding switch over fees..... thats why the internet went down and everything had to be changed. they had already been told they werent aloud to charge the fee with the current equipment! the company is mega dodgy!!!

  • lubylu
  • over 8 years ago

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