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Next step in puzzle to bring FTTH to Shetland Islands

The Digital Shetland strategy that is aiming to get 80% of Shetland communities to a fibre optic backbone by March 2016 has taken a leap forward. ISPreview carries the news that Shetland Telecom has connected its fibre infrastructure to the pre-existing SHEFA-2 submarine fibre link, that also features the longest purely passive optical fibre link at 390km.

Quasarnet is a community group working to deliver full fibre services to Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh and Sandwick areas and has a newsletter discussing the current situation and how fibre could be pushed out to peoples homes. The actual cost will depend on the numbers subscribing the group but the aim is to hit a £20 to £25 monthly fee. The group is fairly new, but represents another case of the community doing it for themselves.


Good for them!

It's not realistic to expect National solution providers to be able to solve local level issues that need bespoke solutions.

  • themanstan
  • over 8 years ago

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