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BTopenworld wires-only service, anyone seen it?

Thats the question? When will it be yet no date other than soon is forthcoming from BTopenworld themselves. Somewhere around end of January is rumoured.

Some interesting info has wandered this way though, how accurate is hard to gauge, as BTopenworlds PR people are unable to confirm it. It seems the minimum term for their wires-only product will be 12 months, but you can exit stage left at anytime in that 12 months for a payment of £100. As for the price any guesses? The trial was run at £39.99 inc VAT a month, i.e. the price of the standard service - which was odd as the wires-only trial was £5/month cheaper than the standard service from the wholesaler.

Why does it matter? Well to a lot of the mainstream computing press and media BTopenworld is seen as UK ADSL, and will get the headlines simply because they have BT in the title. Whereas currently if companies like PlusNet/Eclipse/Freedom2Surf can build on the interest they've generated with their new packages in the last week or two, BTopenworld's share of the ADSL market is likely to drop.

Perhaps AOL or Freeserve can put a cat among the pigeons with a £29.99 inc VAT package?


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