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Eclipse eclipses other ISP's wires-only offerings

Just as we were all getting used to seeing the similarity between the various ISP's wires-only packages along comes Eclipse with a surprise.

ADSL 500 Lite £50+VAT activation fee, £33+VAT per month and a one month minimum contract. Includes as standard: single dynamic, single static or 5 static IP address/es, single POP3 mailbox with unlimited addresses [email protected]).

Did you spot it? They are allowing Home service users to request upto 5 static IP address's - previously the only other ISP to offer this service was Andrews & Arnold at £60/month. They will also supply a Fujitsu FDX310 modem with two micro-filters for £85 or just micro-filters at £12 each.

The advantage of having 5 static IP's for a home user is if you are running say MSMessenger or IRC on a small network of 2 or 3 machines all behind a NAT router, IRC DCC sends can only be setup for a single machine if you have a single IP address, plus MSMessenger's audio/video services wont work at all behind a NAT device, by having fully routed IP address's its as if the machines were all directly on the internet. The one negative is that each machine will either have to run a software firewall to remain secure, or beconnected via perhaps a Linux firewall box or similar.

The list of currently released wires-only products that we are aware of is here. Any additions or corrections [email protected]


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