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Rumours on BT OpenWorld site about 80:1 contention ratio?

Our attention was raised at a document on BT OpenWorld's web server that seems to indicate that an 80:1 home contention is on its way. The Business version is described as 50:1 making many customers who have placed orders, very worried.

We have not heard from any other ISPs that any changes are planned, but this will certainly be a blow to BT OpenWorld subscribers. The site states:

"Beyond the exchange ADSL has a contention ratio of 50 users to one channel on business lines and 80 to one on home lines.

Although we are aware it is not a BT article, it is republished on the BT OpenWorld web site, giving it some credibility. Maybe a PCW journalist was a little tired and made a mistake, or did they have insider information?


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