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The Cloud coming to more stores in the UK

The Cloud is continuing to expand its coverage of Wi-Fi hot-spots with a number of new locations, including Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, 60 Mamas & Papas' branches, Phones4u, Ted Baker and a pilot scheme in around ten Marks & Spencer stores.

Improved connectivity in stores works two ways, shoppers can compare prices, while the store is likely to see more visitors or customers staying for longer giving more opportunities to sell products and services. Stores can also exploit the connectivity to offer more information about products to shoppers using QR codes which take them to special offer pages, or more in depth product information.

Using Wi-Fi to add value to the shopping experience is perhaps something troubled video games store Game could have done with utilising, though the chain does appear to be have a possible saviour in the form of Comet. High street stores that offer the exact same goods as the internet will struggle, particularly with some online merchants being very good at managing next day delivery. Perhaps one solution is to offer a more engaging experience in the form of exclusive content only available over the in-store Wi-Fi, e.g. an app on a smart phone, that scans a games barcode, and plays a video clip showing actual game play.


So is this extra Cloud coverage going to be free? I see Phones4U are offering 12 months free wifi when purchasing a phone at the moment (I just bought a Nokia phone on Pay As You Go for my daughter and since it doesn't have 3G this would be handy for her).

I wished Game had the option to order from their web site and collect from the store at the web price (like PC World do).

  • EnglishRob
  • over 8 years ago

This must be also in line with the offer Sky are doing with free wifi for it's customers via the cloud

  • pcoventry76
  • over 8 years ago

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