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Tiscali Satellite Internet Trial to Start

Tiscali Trial Site carries details on the trial for their new satellite service and pricing as well. The trial looks like it's set to run until 1st March 2002 when the live service is scheduled to start and the pricing is lower for those that take part in the trial - £230 covers the trial period, i.e. cost of install and admin fee, then if you want to continue with it when it's a live service a further £650 for the hardware and £59.99 per month for the service will be charged. So during the trial you essentially save £59.99 a month.

As with the proposed BTopenworld service the biggest headache is the cost of the kit and the installation of it, though Tiscali have stolen the lead, by launching earlier and with a slightly lower monthly fee. The kit cost can be spread out over 12 months at £55/month.

Their site includes details for those who may want to sign up for the trial, though The Register indicates that Tiscali are giving 1500 of those who registered an interest first shot at a place on the trial.

The service is designed to provide at peak times a speed of around 150kbps, rising to 400kbps at off peak times, with connection via a USB modem. One topic not covered in the FAQ was what happens if you move, one would assume it was simply a case of paying for a new install £200 at the new location, as satellite access should be uniform across the country.


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