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IXLeeds hosts its first Internet exchange event

IXLeeds held their first event today since launching in September 2010. The not-for-profit Internet exchange is hoping to provide better interconnection opportunities for networks in the region. In the long term this should result in cheaper and faster broadband services to the North by becoming less dependent on London. The event, aptly named IXLeeds 1 is the first of two events which aims increase the number of members the Internet exchange currently has, and also educate others on the importance of efficient Internet for all end users.

"Projects like IXLeeds will provide cities and regions with better Internet services, which they can use to develop new products, reach new markets and create new jobs."

Ed Vaizey, Communicaitons Minister

The launch of this Internet exchange point comes in time for the Olympics this year, which is predicted by some to put a substantial strain on London's Internet resources during the games.

    Hayley Mitchell


By all accounts a very interesting event I do hope they hold more soon

  • TopTV
  • over 9 years ago

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