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Manchester aims to be in the top 20 digital cities by 2020

Manchester has outlined a bid for some £12 million of government funding, to help make the city a super connected city. With the £100m fund being split ten ways, any authority asking for more than a tenth will have to have a very good plan to justify another city getting less.

The Manchester plan talks of ultrafast broadband, which seems to be the new phrase for describing services of 100 Mbps or faster. The aim is to make this sort of service available to some 235,000 premises across the city by 2014/2015. In addition high speed wireless connectivity in key public areas and along transport corridors.

The project is also planning to address not-spots and slow-spots around the city, and improve take-up of broadband and digital services in the more deprived areas such as Wythenshawe and East Manchester.

As with the BDUK projects cities are expected to match fund what they receive from central funding, as well as commercial operators contributing their share. The ambition to get Manchester into the top 20 digital cities around the World is ambitious as EU funding is going to help boost most EU cities - including those in the UK.


Good! I live in a block of new build flats in manchester city centre - around a 6 minute walk from the manchester's green quarter and i struggle to get speeds of 2.5Mbps! Ridiculous! At my parents house in northerb ireland they can achieve speeds of around 30Mbps on their virgin connevtion. But thats not.available in manchester citybcentre locations :-(

  • mrmadcat
  • over 9 years ago

If this is a new build why on earth didn't you push the developer to provide high speed connectivity before you moved in? Even if FTTB wasn't available at the time you could certainly have got say 100Mb Ethernet - not cheap but affordable if spread across enough people as part of the rent or service charge.

  • New_Londoner
  • over 9 years ago

I'm a Manc resident too - I live a little over a mile out towards Eastlands and my ADSL is 14Mbps download at best, but the upload sucks. I'm moving into one of the new build housing association blocks in West Gorton shortly, so I can only hope they've thought to get cable put in to them - while I did ask about it they didn't know at the time, and I've been fairly unwell since.

  • Trialia
  • over 9 years ago

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