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Landline to mobile calls ruling could lower price of bundles

Generally most telephone and broadband bundles do not include calls to mobiles, or it is available as an add-on. A ruling by the UK Competition Commission as the result of an appeal by Three and BT over a previous Ofcom decision could see call termination prices lowering by 85% rather than the 80% Ofcom proposed and a year earlier than Ofcom originally planned.

ZDNet's David Meyer's article has a graph showing the scale of the changes, and that the cap should be 0.67p in 2013, down from the current 4.18p per minute. Whether providers will pass on the reductions to consumers is another matter, but it would seem there is scope for more bundling of mobile calls into landline calls bundles.

One side effect of this, which appears to already be happening is that Vodafone and Orange have raised Pay-As-You-Go rates, based on the previous Ofcom ruling. Some countries solutions to the cost of handling incoming calls to mobiles has been to actually charge the person receiving the call too, in the UK the most likely action will be that the cost of handsets will rise.


About time too. I refuse to phone mobile numbers with my landline unless there's no alternative, and where possible I ge the mobile to call back.

Landlines have been subsidising the mobile phone industry to keep the costs of handsets down, it seems.

  • camieabz
  • over 9 years ago

Nothing to call a Skype Mobile.

  • m0aur
  • over 9 years ago

I don't see how they could increase the price of handsets or is there some kind of levy the UK networks impose on handsets that are sold unlocked/SIM free?
At present it costs about the same to buy a SIM free handset as it does to buy over 24 months on contract, i.e. Handset + 24 months of SIM Only Plan is roughly equal to a 24 month contract deal on most networks.
Surely this means that any increase in network locked handset price will simply persuade more people to go SIM Only and buy their handset outright.
I think it more likely the networks will start charging for receiving calls.

  • Daemon66
  • over 9 years ago

If I have to pay to recieve calls then I'll never answer the mobile! I refuse to dial mobiles from home and equally refuse to use 0844/0871 etc. The fact mobile operators charge a premium to call an 0800 number is a mockery. It's about time the whole thing was sorted out.

  • brucie245
  • over 9 years ago

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