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One million broadband users by 2003?

Is it possible? Can networks cope? It may be possible, with the rollout of wires-only DSL, it's easier for people to get DSL installed and Telewest are claiming large growth for their broadband services.

BBC News Online think that 2002 may well be the year of broadband in an article here which covers the topics of ADSL pricing, wires-only and the topic of whether a 'must have' application will appear that will push the technology to the average internet user.

Combine this with the news from the Financial Times that The Register is reporting on that NTL are considering opening up their network to provide a wholesale service to ISP's. Given the financial situation of NTL by moving perhaps to dealing less with end-users may be a way of reducing costs and increasing the profit margins.

Add onto this that LLU is around the corner and the few remaining providers are moving now to get perhaps 100-200 exchanges running during 2002, suggests that perhaps no one broadband service is going to dominate but rather some lucky people will have a wider choice. Lets hope we will see more coverage in those areas that cant get any broadband service at present


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