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Tesco launches 12 month broadband promotion

Broadband in the UK exploded in popularity when TalkTalk launched its 'free' service in 2006, Tesco is getting very close to now offering 'free' broadband. A new 12 month promotion has started where if people signup to a line rental and broadband bundle quoting the code HALFBB-C they will save £4 a month, meaning the broadband costs just £2.50 per month, but only if a Tesco ClubCard member. After the 12 months the broadband element returns to the standard £6.50 a month.

The cheapest landline rental option is £13.75 a month, and this includes inclusive evening and weekend calls, making the total £16.25 for the first 12 months. An Anytime calls bundle is available for £20.75 a month. For those not wanting a long contract, a 30 day rolling contract is available for a one-off fee of £40.

The broadband offers unlimited downloads, though the fair use policy does allow for speeds to be throttled back, or excessive usage to be charged per MegaByte. A notional figure of 100GB is suggested as being considered excessive if a customer regular exceeds this figure.

The service is believed to be based on a Cable & Wireless unbundled product, with the pricing suggesting it would be a fully unbundled (MPF) product. This means migration onto the service is simple, subsequent migrations to another full LLU service (e.g. TalkTalk or Sky) should be straightforward. Migrations away onto a shared LLU service can result in more problems, such as no broadband for a week or two.


Hmmm I see Clubcard is involved. I would want to be assured by the ICO that data from online browsing and online activity would not be used for market research as other Clubcard data is used.

  • wannabemedic
  • over 9 years ago

Looks a good deal but does require LLU. I live in a rural area and cannot get that package.

  • jchannon
  • over 9 years ago

Cable & Wireless, no thanks not in a million years.

  • Going_Digital
  • over 9 years ago


What's wrong with C&W?

  • otester
  • over 9 years ago

As always, subject to being in the catchment area. I am not, therefore they want to charge me an arm and a leg. I shall stay with the Post Office.

  • Hagalaz
  • over 9 years ago

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