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TalkTalk releases third quarter results

TalkTalk's quarterly results were released this morning with some interesting numbers. The ISP's unbundled customers grew by 17,000, although their SMPF customers (those that do not use TalkTalk for phone line rental) fell by 46,000. They now total 4.079 million broadband users. 90% of these users are now 'on-net', i.e. use unbundled equipment in the local exchange. The company insists this is better for business because of the more profitable customer mix. 130 new exchanges were unbundled this quarter, with an expected 119 to follow next quarter, which will put TalkTalk in front of BT Wholesale's WBC ADSL2+ rollout. The total number of exchanges enabled is 2,338.

The company have also reported that the launch of YouView, the set top box which will allow customers to watch catch-up TV is on track although no official date has been set for its release.

The figures also indicate that customer service has improved for TalkTalk, a touchy subject in the past. Calls to customer services fell by 26% in the last year, with over half of queries handled online now.

"We have continued to improve our customers' experience with further falls in customer service call volumes and an increase in the rate of online self-service. As a result, churn has stabilised and we remain confident of a return to positive total net adds in the first half of 2012."

Dido Harding, Chief Executive of TalkTalk

TalkTalk Business had a slightly less profitable quarter, with revenues falling over the Christmas period. As a result overall revenue only grew by 1.6%, slightly less than expected.

    Hayley Mitchell


I'm not surprised that TalkTalk now has fewer calls to Customer Services. One experience with them is enough to convince anyone that it is a total, utter waaste of time.

Reading from a crib sheet with no knowledge of what you are talking about is ineffective.

  • Chilli_Burger
  • over 8 years ago

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